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Advance Reader Team

If you enjoy books, the Advance Reader Team or A.R.T. is for you!

A.R.T. members receive exclusive BENEFITS  and help us in two significant ways: DEVELOPMENT and PROMOTION.


Advance Reader Team members receive a monthly newsletter with FREE prepublication reading materials. Plus, as our way of saying thanks for your valued participation you get these added benefits:

  • Autographed copies of our books,
  • Chances to win prizes and other gifts
  • Special discounts on books and other items ordered directly from Firm Foundation - these offers don't last long and are only available to you as an A. R. T. member


One of Susie's favorite quotes is from author Ken Blanchard, who said, "None of us is as smart as all of us."

The Advance Reader Team brings many voices together, strengthening the ministry and writing of Firm Foundation. As a member, you have the opportunity to provide needed insights and suggestions. As a member, you can choose to:

  • Read books and resources before publication, sharing your comments to help bring clarity and improve the message
  • Critique videos and podcasts to enhance our communication
  • Direct the development of book covers and other key graphics


Ranking Resurrected Faith

Every year publishers release over one million new books with over fifty million books available today. Beta readers, like ART., help authors and books get found in this endless sea of newly released titles.

You can help spread the word so others can hear the message in our books and resources with your promise to:

  • Purchase a .99 cent prelaunch eBook to boost our ranking, often making the new release an instant bestseller
  • Write book review, giveing people confidence to purchase a book with a message relevant to their lives. Reviews also make books visible online when people search for various titles or subjects.

These two simple things make the difference between a book being lost in an endless sea of pages and being found by people who need to read its message

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