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D. Greg and Susie Ebie

Greg's Story

D. Greg Ebie headshot

From time to time we all experience life defining moments. We never know when a transformation will happen. Looking back, we just know something changed. Experiences like these divide time in two—before and after it.

For nearly thirty years I tried to help people improve their lives. Speaking to large audiences, teaching in small groups, and counseling with individuals and couples all shared a common element. They were looking for fulfillment and I was trying to point the way.

In talking with people, I discovered how their search for happiness heightened during and after a time of difficulty and hardship. Whether they experienced emotional pain, financial loss, relational strife, unexpected sickness, death, or some other personal disaster, people often referred to their ordeal as a crisis of faith. 

In 2016 I experienced a confrontation with some friends that challenged everything I believed. Looking back, I saw how my crisis of faith impacted every area of my life. Like throwing rocks into a still pond, the ripple effect touched everything.

I pushed on, but early in 2017 I reached out to a mentor for help. I confess I had expectations of how he might encourage me. I was wrong. He listened to my story and replied, “Greg, I’m going to pray God gives you a singular heart’s cry.”

Over the next few months I thought a lot about our conversation and his prayer. I kept wondering, “What is the cry of my heart—the focused passion that drives me?”

From the outside, some might think I suffered from a mid-life crisis. I made a career changes no one expected. However, I was in the midst of a life defining moment—a before and after transformation of change. Each step was a necessary part of my deepening awareness of my singular heart’s cry.

I began Firm Foundation to help people enjoy an abundant, happy life. Looking back, I realized how in one way or another everything I did was to help people develop one or more of what I call the twelve key mindsets. These bedrock attitudes are the infrastructure of our thinking and effect everything we feel, say and do. 

My passion is to encourage people to contend for the faith because it is the cornerstone of our firm foundation. Personal faith is vital because it impacts each of the other key mindsets. I want to help you and others prepare for their unexpected crisis of faith. Rather than being crushed, I want them to overcome and enjoy an abundant, happy life.

Susie's Story

Susie Ebie headshot

Doing life with the people we love is a gift we receive everyday—however, it is not a gift we should take for granted. My greatest joy is found in the priceless treasure of the people I love. I enjoy being a wife, mom, and nana sharing my love through coffee and conversation, hugs, learning together, silliness, and homemade tasty food for us to enjoy.

I learned the value of these special relationships through brokenness, grief, and loss. I’m the only living member of my immediate family of six. Death was an unwelcomed guest that taught me the importance of the time we have with our family and friends.

The stories we choose to tell ourselves about the heartbreak of life shapes the person we become. My faith in Jesus has helped me see the good in the midst of difficulties and hurts—this gives me stories of joy and victory rather than bitterness and pain.

I believe people have incredible potential.  As a life-long educator, I see the best in others. I want to encourage them to dream big, work hard, and above all love the people in their lives. My small glimpse of the deep love God has for people drives me to inspire others to discover their potential.

Whether teaching elementary children, homeschooling my children, or working as a school administrator, I want to influence students and adults to achieve more. I completed a Master’s in Organizational Leadership to help me improve my skills in developing both individuals, businesses and non-profits. My passion is to serve in order to help others grow.

Together Story

D. Greg and Susie Ebie Wedding

Although some thought we were too young and our marriage would never last, ours is a faithful love story that continues to be written. We learned early on that love is more than a feeling. Love is a decision, a choice to be loving even when you don’t feel like it. Our commitment to choose love has helped us through the times when we disagreed and didn’t like each other. Loving feelings always returned when we made the choice to love.

We often say, “Love always multiplies.” Not only did our love for each other grow, but love multiplied exponentially with the birth of our five children. With the Ebie fab five, Chrysta, Grace, Greg, Pearl and Michael, the minivan was full, the house always busy with activity, and our hearts overflowed. Love was never divided or lacking—we always had more than enough to share with the kids and each other.

Today our kids are all young adults. The multiplication of love continues as each is now happily married. With our six grandchildren the “Ebie 7” has grown into the “Ebie 18.” Being Nana and Papa is the best part of an ever-expanding reservoir of love. Our legacy is for our children and their families to be grounded in the boundless and unfailing love of Jesus.

Our love story often finds expression in the life lessons we share. The twelve mindsets for an abundant, happy life are not theoretical. Each is born from practical experience and the fulfilled life we enjoy today.

We want to share our story with others, so you too can enjoy an abundant, happy life.