we believe

the importance of faith

Often unseen, foundations are essential. Just as the foundation of a building determines its shape and stability so, too, the bedrock attitudes we hold will form our lives. Shaky or stable, uncertain or strong, the cornerstone of faith will determine whether or not we live a fulfilled life because it impacts each of the other foundational mindsets.

Our faith is grounded in the person of Jesus; He is our cornerstone. Some might assume we hold to a Christian faith. This is true only in the sense that we are followers of Jesus. However, we do not want to be defined by centuries old doctrines and/or traditions of man. 

Regardless of your faith choice, Firm Foundation’s twelve key mindsets will help you build a more fulfilling life. Put your faith to the test and evaluate its strength. Whatever you believe, will your faith stand up against the difficulties and hardships of life? Far better to contend for the faith when life’s skies are blue than for faith to fail in the midst of an unexpected storm.

The various doctrines held by people around the world reveal different mental pictures and impressions about who Jesus is. Christians should consider whether their doctrines define Jesus, or the person of Jesus informs their faith. The more we know Jesus, the greater our understanding of the faith He established. This is the first faith revealed at creation that God continued to unfold until ultimately fulfilled in Jesus.

In architecture a physical cornerstone has six faces visible from different perspectives. In the same way, knowing Jesus as the cornerstone we understand how He also has six faces to reveal His identity. These various faces do not imply Jesus is two-faced and cannot be known. Instead, with each face we can gain insight into the wonder of who Jesus is.

The analogy of a cornerstone is limited by its six sides. We in no way want to limit Jesus' identity. Jesus makes Himself known as God, and God is infinite. The finite mind of man can never fully grasp the greatness of the LORD. The six faces of the cornerstone are only intended to only help us know Jesus and His identity more fully.

We want Jesus, the cornerstone, to shape us and our faith.

When we look upon the six faces of the cornerstone of our faith, we see Jesus as:

The geometric faces of a cornerstone intersect at eight corners. In knowing Jesus, we understand how the faces of His identity intersect to reveal what He has done, is doing today, and will accomplish when He comes: