our vision

Foundations are vital. We need the twelve foundational mindsets to build the life we have always wanted. These are the bedrock attitudes that shape how we think, and in turn determines how we feel, what we say, and the things we do. 

Strengthening the infrastructure of our minds does not merely rebuild a place to live—the twelve key mindsets create a place to thrive.

Faith is the foundation's cornerstone. Personal faith should be chosen carefully. Our passion is to encourage people to earnestly contend for the faith because it impacts every other foundational mindsets.

Like an uncontrolled fire, unrestrained thinking can be destructive both to ourselves and others. The twelve key mindsets build a firm foundation or hearth to control and maintain the fire of our inner thoughts. Just as we enjoy the light and warmth of fire in a fireplace so, too, a firm foundation enables you to have an abundant, happy life with FUEL for your FIRE—Fuel for your LIFE.

FUEL, FIRE and LIFE form an acrostic to help you remember the twelve key mindsets. We look forward to sharing with you how a firm foundation built with these bedrock attitudes will give you the fulfilled life you have always wanted.

Our desire is to help you establish a firm foundation to enjoy an abundant, happy life.

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